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We've compiled the answers to the most common questions asked regarding problems with PhotoCake here. Take a look below and see if you can find the answer you're looking for.  If not, please contact our PhotoCake Support Team on +44 (0) 345 9012160 and we’ll be happy to help.

Q. My PhotoCake® doesn’t open when I click on the icon on my Computer?

A. You may also need to click on the drop down arrow in the bar at the bottom of your PC’s screen and click on the PhotoCake icon there.

Q. How can I uninstall the PhotoCake® demo application?

A. At anytime you wish you can uninstall the PhotoCake® Online Demo Application, please click here for instructions.

Q. Does Culpitt Ltd offer remote technical support for PhotoCake® ?

A. Culpitt Ltd uses the remote software “TeamViewer” to provide remote assistance and technical support for PhotoCake® Online. You are in full control and can end the session at any time. Please contact PhotoCake® Technical Support at +44 (0) 345 9012160 for further instructions on how to download the module to your computer. When instructed by a PhotoCake® Support Specialist, Click here to download the PhotoCake® Online remote support module.

Q. I can’t see any warning lights on my printer, but it won’t print my image.

A. Check to see whether you have any media credits. When you buy your edible sheets we automatically issue you with media credits to allow you to print the free to use images. If you want to print a premium image, you’ll also need to buy Image credits, click here to order Image credits on our website. You need one Image Credit to print each edible sheet with a Premium Image(s) on.

Q. Can I print more than one image library image on a sheet?

A. You can print multiples of the same image on a sheet, but you can’t mix images. For Premium Images, you need one Image Credit for each sheet you print. If you are printing several small versions of the same image on an Edible Sheet, you still only need one Image Credit.

Q. How should I care for and maintain my printer?

A. To prevent feed problems; wipe the rollers located outside the Printer cover and Printer bed with lightly dampened kitchen roll monthly. 
To clean the outer surface of the printer; wipe it with a soft clean cloth lightly dampened with a mild detergent dissolved in water. 
For optimal performance, complete a colour test daily by doing a test print. If all the colours are not printing and/or there are broken lines with the colour or black grids, perform a Print head clean 

Q.Can I use my own Printer with the PhotoCake® System?

A. No. The PhotoCake® System needs to use the Printer we provide in order to function properly. Our Printers are modified for use with our PhotoCake® edible sheets and the software has been colour-calibrated against our inks for that Printer. Different edible sheets absorb colour at different rates, the PhotoCake® Printer is calibrated for use with PhotoCake® Printables (sugar) and Luck’s PrintOns® only.

Q. Why will my edible sheets not feed into the Printer?

A. Make sure the edible sheet is seated firmly on the top tray of the Printer. Using the paper guide, align the edible sheet to the right side of the top tray. Do not push the media into the Printer, place it on the Input Tray and allow the Printer to take the edible sheet. Look for any obstructions in the Printer feed areas.

Q. Why I am getting streaks on my images?

A. Ensure the output tray is attached. Make sure there aren’t any fragments of broken sheets in the printer that would obstruct the printer head. Clean the internal rollers to remove any excess ink. Perform Print head cleaning. Look for any obstructions in the Printer feed areas.

Q.Can I use edible sheets that have been purchased from a supplier other than Culpitt Ltd with the PhotoCake® system?

A. No, different edible sheets absorb colour at different rates, the PhotoCake® Printer is calibrated for use with PhotoCake® Printables (sugar) and Luck’s PrintOns® only.

Q. Can I print any image on my PhotoCake® printer?

A. No, legally you can only print images that are on the machine and those where the customer has the rights to print the image. You MUST not print any copyrighted image without the permission of the copyright holder. Use of this machine to reproduce any material that is original to a third party without prior written consent of such party is strictly prohibited. Anyone who uses this machine to make copies in violation of another’s rights shall be personally liable for any copyright infringement including any civil and criminal penalties and damages.

Q. Can I print other images of the licensed characters that are available in the PhotoCake® System?

A. No. You can only print the images you find in the PhotoCake® Online app, these are the only ones that the licensors have approved for us. Where there are frames, you can add your customer’s photo (assuming they have the rights to use it).

Q. Can we print pictures from newspapers or magazine articles?

A. No, these are typically owned by the respective publishers and should not be used without prior permission from the owner.

Q. What types of photos can we print on the PhotoCake® (scanned photo or PhotoCake® frame) System?

A. Any Personal photo a customer brings in.

Q. What is a Personal Photo?

A. Personal photos would include snap shots or shots taken by family, friend and non-Professional Photographers. E.g. “Johnny’s first day at school”. Photographs taken by professional Photographers are copyrighted.

Q. Can I print images taken by a professional photographer?

A. No, not without prior written consent of the photographer, as these images are copyrighted.

Q. Can we print and sell cakes with logos, trademarks, player’s from sports teams or members of band?

A. No, not without prior written consent. To do so, would be a copyright violation and the cake / cake decoration would be viewed as counterfeit.

Q. Can we scan and print an existing napkin or printed party invitation?

A. No, that would be a copyright violation and the cake would be viewed as counterfeit. The owner of the image has not given the rights for the image to be used on a cake.

Q. Can I print a photo of someone wearing an item of clothing with a logo or character?

A. Yes, as long as it is a personal photo

Q. How should I respond to a customer that asks me to use a copyrighted item or photograph?

A. Kindly explain to them that you are not able to use the image that they have due to copyright laws and apologize for any inconvenience.Secondly, and very importantly, provide an alternative for them. Your PhotoCake® image library has over 500 available images, both licensed and non-licensed

Q. How can Culpitt Ltd offer images that are copyrighted in the PhotoCake image library (e.g. Scooby-Doo)?

A. Culpitt Ltd has written permission (contracts) from the owners (licensors) of the images and is authorised to sell them for use on and for decorating bakery goods, such as cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

Q. What are the numbers around the image on the screen?

A.These show the dimensions of the image in inches

Q. How do I know what size of image I can print if I select a custom image size?

A. If you are using the Custom setting, all of the shape on the right hand side of the screen must be inside the cream paper area on the illustration, if any part of your image falls outside that area it may be cut off during printing.

Q. Why do I need Image Credits to print some images and not others?

A. Premium images feature licensed images which we have to pay the rights owners for each time we print them, so we need to make a charge for printing these images