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Colour Splash makes it easy to navigate food colouring.
The Classic, Luxe and Additions ranges are relied on by professionals and loved by consumers.  
Discover e
dible food colours for every need, for every occasion, for everyone, and always at the best value trade prices when you buy here, direct from the manufacturer.


Classic is the rainbow heart of Colour Splash food colours in every traditional food colour format. Accomplish bright, vibrant primaries to soft, subtle pastels with ease using gels, matt dusts, pens, paints and sprays. And now, discover NEW Colour Splash Classic oils and pastes. Choose Colour Splash Classic for versatile, consistent everyday colouring for all types of ingredients, icing, sugar paste, modelling paste, cake batters, buttercream, chocolate, marzipan, pastry, wafer, flower paste and everything else besides!

Master sophisticated finishes in an instant for extra pzazz with Colour Splash Luxe. Shimmering metallics, pearls, lustres and glitters elevate the occasion to showstopping status.

Add on striking everyday decoration with Colour Splash Additions. Achieve quick and simple colourful transformations to everything from cakes to confectionery.



ColourSplash Gels Landing Page Link
The brightest bakers choose ColourSplash Gels. Our bestselling gel food colouring range.
ColourSplash Pastes
This extra concentrated, vibrant paste packs a punch for small businesses and consumers alike.
ColourSplash Oils
The brightest bakers choose ColourSplash Oils. Our cheapest oil colour from your favourite colour brand.
Colour Splash Dusts
Multi-purpose colours for ingredients, or particularly suitable for delicate brushing to achieve graduated colour
Colour Splash Paints
Matt, metallic, pearl and glitter finishes, paints are the quick and easy way to decorate surfaces
Colour Splash Pens
Add a personal touch for details on icing or decorations. Available in solid or metallic colours
Colour Splash Sprays
Spray colour will leave a subtle result which can be gradually built up to achieve the desired result on icing or decorations
ColourSplash Landing Page Cocoa Butter
The easiest way to colour and decorate chocolate without compromising the quality of the chocolate itself.
ColourSplash Landing Page Sparkle Sugar
Coloured icing sugars with a touch of sparkle for bakes, edible decorations, confectionery, and desserts.
Drip and Drizzle
Add a colourful drip effect or drizzle across a surface using the ‘upside-down’ squeezy tube format.
Colour Splash Gold and Silver Leaf
Luxurious leaf, innovatively packaged for small and large project convenience. Use as little or as much as you need.
Colour Splash Whitener
Brilliant white at a brilliant price. Oil-based colour for the brightest white in 100g value bottle.

Simply great results every time. You can rely on Colour Splash professional food colours to deliver bright and vibrant shades, soft pastels or decadent metallics to suit your needs and achieve your vision. This best quality food colouring can be used to colour icing, fondant, cake batter, chocolate, modelling paste, flower paste, decorations and much more. The brightest bakers choose Colour Splash!

Available in a range of formats, the versatility of Colour Splash edible food colours means that you can mix into bakes, stir into icings, paint onto surfaces and spray over decorations or finished cakes. From primaries to pastels and matt to metallics, a diverse range of colours means there's a Colour Splash solution for every occasion and theme. Culpitt is proud to offer high quality food colours to trade customers, so you and your customers get the best results every time at the best value prices.