About Us

Our story began in 1920. Fast forward through 98 years of innovation and commitment to serving 78 countries, Culpitt remains dedicated to shaping the cake-decorating world, yet proud of our family-owned beginnings.

We are agile and ambitious. We grow and we transform.

We continue to learn  and find inspiration through new technology, new techniques and through the dynamic and talented efforts of the people who influence us the most - our customers.

As one of the UK's leading experts in cake decoration, Culpitt supplies over 5580 customers, both large and small, from market leading grocery supermarkets to couture wedding cake designers.

We lead the way with innovative solutions for our customers, forming partnerships and delivering products and services that ensure our cutomers achieve their ambitions, enabling them to flourish and grow.

Our customers needs are front and centre of everything we do. And always will be.